Faith in Strangers

Design, Layout, and Illustrations by Chris Jalufka for the site Faith in Strangers.

About the Project: Often, the world feels black and white. A harsh divide between right and wrong. Good versus evil. What someone believes and stands for you may despise and oppose. We make judgments based on fear and anger. On the supposed allegiances and convictions of those we have never met. Each of us marked as suspects, based on views and beliefs we may not share. We turn strangers into enemies.

Faith in Strangers is an attempt to put each of us on display as we are – not as a society of antagonists but as simple people, making our way through the world as best we can. This is not about politics or religion. Race, gender, or sexual orientation or identity. The strangers on these pages are the faces you see along the street or faces you will never meet. This is the start of a conversation that begins with who we are, honestly, at our core – where it goes from here is up to all of us.

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